What Disney Travel Agents Do and the Benefits They Offer

Disney travel agents are specialists. If you have been to Walt Disney World or one of the other parks, then you may be somewhat familiar with everything and you might be able to plan a satiating trip. If you have not been to any of the parks, then planning can be quite an overwhelming experience. Disney travel agents would not only be able to simplify planning but one can also ensure you get to explore the park in a way that would tick all your checkboxes without rushing from one attraction to another.

  • One of the first benefits is personalized planning. Disney travel agents will plan the day exactly as you would want or prefer. You can skip queues and be at the right places at the right time. You will not need to contact anyone but your Disney travel agent for anything you want. Many people who make reservations directly are put in touch with different cast members every time they call. You can avoid this inconvenience.
  • Disney travel agents are knowledgeable and resourceful. Not everyone gets to become a Disney travel agent and this specialization is helpful for anyone and everyone. You can learn more about the parks, explore all components of a package in an informed manner and you would also be informed of all updates or changes that you may not get to know otherwise. A Disney travel agent needs to attend and pass the courses at Disney College of Knowledge. The certification process is stringent and every Disney travel agent must get recertified every year.
  • Disney travel agents will be abreast of all the changes and updates. This ensures you would not miss out on anything, including discounts or promotional offers. A Disney travel agent will help you to save money. Disney rolls out many types of offers from time to time, some being more sought after than others. There is limited time offers as well. You can use such offers in a timely manner with the expertise and resourcefulness of a Disney travel agent.
  • Disney travel agents will help you with everything including advanced reservations, free travel quotes, park navigation, airport transfer, stroller rentals, childcare or babysitting service scheduling, celebrating birthdays or anniversaries, spa treatments and golf tee times among others. A Disney travel agent would not levy any concierge fees or planning charges unless they have advertised such a service cost upfront on their website.
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