How to Market Travel Agency Services

Let’s talk generics

Travel was one of the first industries to be transformed by the galactic network, what we knew as the internet. Online ticketing or reservation precedes e-commerce. Ever since people have had the chance to find travel deals online, make reservations at hotels, hire cars, book flights and even purchase tickets or plan sightseeing tours, the role of travel agency services has been diminishing and many have gone out of business in the last two decades. Those who have survived are either major players in the industry and have a distinct footprint or they cater to niches that no one else can and hence there is no competition that can drive them out of business.

There are a plethora of answers to how to market travel agency services. None of those options or strategies would matter unless and until a travel agent or agency figures out where to market, who to target and how to do so. Travel agency services cannot be completely unique. There are very few agencies in the entire world that offer packages no one else has. Even if you think of adventure sports or exclusive reservations at resorts, there are other players who are offering similar deals and their propositions may or may not be better and cheaper than what you offer. The key is to find a relevant target audience and to present yourself as a niche for them.

Pick the niche and stick with it

We have discussed earlier what a full-service travel agency entails. When the term niche is used, people readily think of it as rare or complicated, exorbitantly priced or all of these three put together. Niche does not have to be any of these. It can simply be something different. The services you offer may not be completely unique. There may be other agencies offering similar services but to a different target audience. No travel agency in the world targets every demographics and covers all the nooks and corners of the planet. There is some space for everyone. You may not become the largest travel agency in the world by capitalizing on a niche but you will develop a specialization that your brand will be known for.

Young people and even the aging population are not looking for one travel agent to do everything. People are more comfortable with specialists. They plan their holidays or vacations, weekends or relatively short trips with specific purposes in mind. Cater to these and your brand will become relevant.

In Conclusion

We highly recommend that you choose travel agency services that provide you with great offers that have a verified and stellar reputation in the travel industry.