How the best hotel group deals can be secured

Know your reality

A group of people would always have more bargaining power than an individual through hotel group deals. Frequent flyers and travelers get access to discounts that ordinary people do not get for their annual vacation. Corporations have executives flying and traveling all the time, not everyone simultaneously of course, and hence they get access to generous discounts. There are exclusive deals available for many types of travelers that you may not be able to grab. You may not even be aware of the existence of such deals. General consumers are often elated at discounts made available by online travel companies and reservation websites. Aggregator websites make it seem as if you are getting the best deal there is in the world. The reality is not so favorable.

It is all about the access

If you gain access to hotel group deals then you would realize the kind of savings you can secure by staying at the same hotel, on the same dates and enjoy all the usual perks that you would have been assured of otherwise. Hotel group deals are basically wholesale hotel prices. If you were to book an entire hotel for a large entourage, you would not be paying the rack rate. You would not settle for a modest ten percent discount; instead, you want a substantial markdown on the tariff. You would also request some complimentary services, not limited to a breakfast or upgrades.

There may be other special arrangements necessary for the event or to make your stay more memorable. Such hotel group deals may only be available if you reserve plenty of rooms, travel frequently and stay at a particular property or if you have access to a wholesale hotel booking site or a hotel wholesaler.

The solution?

Wholesale Hotel Group has a global network of hotels provided by their network of wholesale hotel suppliers, hotel consolidators, wherein they provide you with amazing prices that your local travel agent can’t provide you. Why? Well… mostly because they are probably buying it from Wholesale Hotels Group already and giving you a marked up rate (which many times still provide you with considerable savings compared to publicly accessible online rates)!

Whether you are an individual or a group, a business or a nonprofit organization, a government entity or a travel agent, you can avail such hotel group deals via Wholesale Hotel Group. There are membership options for individuals with plans starting from only $4.99 for a 7-day membership for a limited time!
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