Wholesale Hotel Rooms – Who offer them and how?

Your quest for wholesale hotel rooms cannot be satiated by ordinary travel websites. There are so many aggregator websites operating today that it has become difficult to find exclusive deals or special discounts. Any traveler with access to internet can check out scores of sites, compare rates and effectively settle for the same offers. The travel websites are well aware of the prices published on competing sites and hence they alter their offers accordingly. You are likely to find the same pricing on several websites, perhaps off by a few bucks here and there. The only way to avail wholesale hotel rooms is to deal with a company that actually has an expertise in this niche.

Travel websites often do not have any network of hotels. They do not have any direct dealing with hospitality chains. Most travel websites simply source the availability of rooms from public listings and provide you a gateway to make a reservation. Some of the more established sites have contacts with the hotels they list in their inventory and facilitate reservations directly. A few travel websites have exclusive contracts with some properties to offer the best prices. The problem is you cannot figure out the existence of such deals or if there is any association at all, sometimes not even if you are one of the agency travel managers. The only way you can be assured of getting truly special tariffs is by connecting to a platform that provides you such offers.

What ways do people have to access them?

Companies dealing in wholesale hotel rooms will not operate in the same way as a reservation system, which is what most travel websites are today. You would have to get into some kind of arrangement with the hotel wholesaler to take advantage of their prices, not to mention, many of them require thousands of dollars of deposits in order to access ONE supplier’s platform. Of course, when you deal with 10 companies like that, then that’s 10 times that thousands of dollars of deposits. You certainly would not want to get your hard-earned cash tied up at places you can’t get access to.

Some of these clubs have memberships for individual travelers, special programs for travel agents and packages for corporate clients. You can explore such membership options based on your needs and accordingly sign up for the wholesale hotel rooms. You should still prioritize reliability and if at all you would be able to use the deals since not every wholesaler would have the kind of properties you want at select locations.

The Wholesale Hotels Group difference

Up until now, there has been a few wholesale travel club here and there but they were connected to one wholesale supplier exclusively. Usually, it has been the B2C platform for such wholesaler but that rarely satsifies an end-user, let alone a travel agency or agent with high demands for inventory and not just pricing. Wholesale Hotels Group provides a bridge between all of the wholesale suppliers in the market and offers it for a fee in order for end-consumers to access such pricing and inventory. Legitimate travel agencies and travel agents have FREE access to our platform! Wholesale Hotels Group is not just yet another last minute travel club, it specializes in wholesale hotel rooms and has different membership plans for individual travelers, travel agencies or professionals and businesses. The company has an expansive network of properties. The inventory is vast enough and the deals are more than worthwhile. You are unlikely to get wholesale hotel rooms at the prices offered by the company.

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Wholesale Hotels Group - Get access to Wholesale Hotel Rooms for as low as $4.99!

Wholesale Hotels Group – Get access to Wholesale Hotel Rooms for as low as $4.99!



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Wholesale Hotels Group - Wholesale Hotel Rooms for the lowest price!

Wholesale Hotels Group – Wholesale Hotel Rooms for the lowest price!