Hotel BedBanks – Getting the best inventory for your Travel Agency

Even wondered about boosting your inventory through your suppliers?

The problem nowadays still is that while most wholesale hotel suppliers provide superior pricing in many markets, but what about the inventory? Your travel agency has needs too because your travelers have a constant demand for variety. Furthermore, your travel agency may be tired of working the old model: opening 10 different suppliers’ tabs and performing those manual searches one after the other. You know you need a solution for this problem, otherwise, you would not be on this page. Hotel BedBanks is the best approach to take when you have a constant demand for a large inventory AND wholesale hotel pricing!

Wholesale Hotel Suppliers vs. Hotel BedBanks comparison

Let’s see why that is. Generally speaking, here is what you get from your average hotel wholesaler:
– Hotel inventory of 1,000 – 150,000 total worldwide,
– Security deposits ranging from $2,000 – $10,000 minimum is required for even web-access. Normally there is an extra fee of $40-50 for wiring fee by your bank, keep in mind this is PER SUPPLIER you sign a contract with,
– Most wholesalers don’t allow you to pay with credit cards, therefore many times you are stuck with additional fees, such as the wiring fee I mentioned above. Just imagine if your travel agency only generated $1,000 worth of booking from one of your suppliers, then you would have to spend another $40-50 to pay that $1,000. That hurts your bottom line: your profit!
– Some wholesalers require you to meet minimum sales.
– Qualification requirements (IATA, IATAN, ARC, CLIA memberships required in order to get access)
– In some instances, up to 80 pages worth of contract that has many restrictions and conditions.

Let’s see how Hotel BedBanks perform in that aspect (our example is about Wholesale Hotels Group):
– Hotel inventory of 550,000+
– NO ACCREDITATION REQUIRED (you don’t have to be a member of IATA, IATAN, CLIA or ARC)
– ONE SEARCH, that’s all. All of our contracted wholesale supplier inventories appear in front of you. No more need to open up 10 different tabs to search,
– Pay with your credit card and earn personal miles/points,
– Simplified, travel agency-friendly contract.

What about going directly to my supplier? Don’t I get it for cheaper? Why do I need Hotel BedBanks?

Theoretically, you are right. It makes perfect sense that whenever a middle-man is included in a transaction, then that middle-man wants to make money off of transactions so there is usually a markup. However, you may still get lower rates anyway. How is that possible?

Hotel BedBanks normally generate enough volume purchases through wholesale hotel suppliers that those suppliers provide preferred rates and discounts for them. In some instances when hotel bedbanks provide the inventory to you, they may add a few percents on top of the rate but they may get it for even lower after the added margin.

Example: Let’s say you get a hotel room from “Supplier A” for $100. A hotel bedbank (such as Wholesale Hotels Group) gets that hotel room from “Supplier A” for $90 because of the large sales volume it generates. Now, even if Wholesale Hotels Group adds $5 on that and sells it for you for $95, then you did not pay more by adding a middle-man.

In Conclusion

Hotel bedbanks provide a lot more flexibility, convenience (just think about how much time you waste while you perform that 1 search on 10 different sites), TIME (=money), dealing with them don’t tie up your money (no more deposits), you get some cash back or miles after all your transactions, there are no pressure meeting minimum sales requirements and they provide the inventory to your customers so desperately need. Truly the best way to maximize the efficiency of how you do business!

Wholesale Hotels Group is without a doubt, one of the best, fastest and lowest-priced hotel bedbanks worldwide! Any licensed travel agency worldwide can sign up here, just click on the image below:

One of the best Hotel BedBanks: Wholesale Hotels Group

One of the best Hotel BedBanks: Wholesale Hotels Group