Full service travel agency – What is offered nowadays?

You have seen all the brochures, talked it over with the family, asked around your neighbors and friends, managed to sync your schedule with the wife and already got the kids ready to go. YES, it is happening, the family is going to your local travel agent to reserve that fantastic vacation you saved up money for all year, only to sit through another hour with a variety of options presented to you and going through a few upselling and cross-selling. Let’s face it. It was totally worth it. You did it! You booked your vacation. Just like at a full service gas station, you have just experienced a full service travel agency.

Yes, indeed, we are talking about the 80’s.

That is the past, let’s see what the present situation is!

Nowadays, everything is streamlined, reviews are at your fingertips and content is ample after a few seconds of search. Yet, the results can be overwhelming sometimes. Of course, there are always forums, bloggers (who provide fantastic insights) and last but not least travel agents you can depend on (for the most part). However, having overwhelming information would still not warrant anyone to run to their local travel agency. So why do people still do it then?

First of all, some flight deals can still only be ticketed for a discounted price by travel agencies. Travel agents also have access to wholesale hotel booking sites, such as Wholesale Hotels Group and other sites for FREE. Many times they have special relationships (which translates into discounts) with these suppliers and even with their markup; lower rates are offered to you than if you just go onto any of the booking sites. Generally, the best use of today’s travel agencies is for putting together complex itineraries and getting assistance with the planning.

What makes a company a full service travel agency?

A full service travel agency can provide you with tools that otherwise you would not be able to find on your own or execute it. Everybody can book a hotel nowadays but put together complex itineraries, getting those plane tickets in order and ensuring that you comply with everything (e.g.: visa and vaccination requirements) is something that a full service travel agency can assist you with.

Wholesale Hotels Group brings you the discounts that you can access without the need of those agencies. Our plans for end-users start at ONLY $4.99 for 7 days worth’ of membership and it no longer operates as a last minute travel club anymore, it provides you last-minute deals while booking in advance too!