Last minute travel club – Not just for last-minute bookings anymore!

Traveling can be expensive. It can be even more of a hassle when you are trying to find the best deals available and all you can stumble upon is the same websites offering the same deals. You have probably seen them in commercials, you have seen them in online advertisements but honestly, how much are you actually saving? It doesn’t feel like you are getting any kind of a good deal sometimes, does it? A last minute travel club such as Wholesale Hotels Group is designed to meet this demand.

If you are looking to travel the world, you need to make sure that there is an agency on your side that can help you find the best deals possible. If you are looking for a last minute travel club and looking to crunch down the numbers of your travel, Wholesale Hotels Group is the best bet for you. There are so many different sites out there devoted to helping you save money but have you read through their terms of service? Have you looked at their terms and conditions and what they actually offer?

Finding cheap flights and hotels with these websites or through those deals which is one of the reasons we were formed. If you are looking for cheap travel and affordable hotels, we have you covered. That’s why we offer our service at only $4.99 for 7 days. We guarantee that no other service or website offers a price that lows for a service like this.

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Are you tired of finding website after website that promises you the absolute best price, the best rate, and a price match? Sure, all of that sounds really good on paper but what are they really offering you?

Need to find cheap hotels in my area? We use a 100% transparent model and any price we display for you is the price you’re going to pay with us. That’s right, no tricks or try to make you pay more. We offer complete transparency with our pricing.

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